Stylish Storage Furniture for Your Home

Home Furniture trends are always changing. 

With evolving Living and Working Spaces comenew requirements.

Contemporary home furniture design intends to meet those changing needs by supplying simplistic layout with plenty of storage space- a common problem found in older homes where dwellers find it impossible and this Barton Retro Console Table will give you inspiration to keep your personal items in a logical and organised manner.

Segan Console Table

Segan Console Table 

Sivan Console Acacia Table

Sivan Console Table

Jarel Study Desk with Drawers

Jarel Study Desk in Natural

Funiture Design

When it comes to the design, it must be capable of providing such solutions for the house to be practical as well as providing chic designs that has architects, interior designers, and builders scrambling to think of great ideas each year.

Our three favourite designs offer an effective and stylish way to organise your living area and help provide extra storage space. For more Modern Furniture pieces or storage solutions, browse through our entire Modern Furniture catalogue here



For more helpful and insightful tips on how to organise and maximise your storage in your home, visit our Showroom on Boundary Road today. 352 Boundary Road, Dingley Village VIC 3172.