Assembly FAQ

Assembly Requirements

We want to assist our customers as much as we can. In order to give the best recommendation for a smooth and successful assembly of our furniture, we have introduced a grading system to differentiate the different levels of assembly experience and requirements for the product.

Please refer to product specifications for the assembly requirements and/or level status recommended for each product.
Please note, the below is a guide only and may vary depending on individual assembly ability:

No assembly required: Item fully assembled

Item will come packaged fully assembled, ready to pull out of box and ready to use.
NOTE: In some cases, doors may require minor adjustments/ alignment due to movement during transit.

Level 1: Legs only

Item will arrive predominantly assembly and/or only require attachment of legs. Legs are either installed using the bolts and Allen key supplied or the self-tapping screws supplied.   

Level 2: Basic. Flat packed

Item is mostly flat packed. Basic assembly is required, such as attaching compartments etc. (a simple step by step manual included in packaging).

Level 3: Intermediate. Flat packed

Item is completely flat packed and requires intermediate level of knowledge. With the aid and guidance of a multiple step by step manual (included in packaging), you are required to complete assembly accordingly. 

Level 4: Experienced

The item is flat-packed and detailed, and it may require an experienced assembler to complete. Such items may necessitate following a number of detailed steps, assembling and installing drawers and runners, handling and aligning large parts, and adjusting doors and hinges.

While most customers are able to manage a Level 4 assembly item successfully, we have proffered and recommended service providers to assist. See further below:

We always recommend the use of a licensed electrician for the installation of power points.

Recommended Installers:

At Modern Furniture, we strive to make your experience as effortless as possible.

If you prefer to streamline your assembly process and save time rather than rely solely on your own experience, sit back, relax, and let our trusted installers take care of the work for you. We believe our handpicked installers are well suited to provide suitable quotes and professionally complete the assembly of our products in your state.

Jack - 0422 105 011 (
Tony - 0405 088 678 (

Lazar - 0426 154 795 (

Ben Maher - 0473 666 646 (
Liam Flew - 0497 977 002 ( 

David Del Medico - 0422 272 024 (
Assembly Experts - 0406 464 889 ( 

Liam Flew - 0497 977 002 (

James Kirkby - 0417 310 240 (

Note: We are not affiliated with these businesses but have been approved, recommended and regularly engaged to install our products.