We look into which colour schemes have fallen into our hearts this Autumn and how you can use them in your home or office space to create warmth.

How to use Furniture and Colour to Create Inviting Spaces

Furniture and Colour Reds, terracotta, pale pinks, soft greys & rustic browns are the perfect colours to add to a neutral setting to really create an inviting space this Autumn. There is a natural warmth that exudes from this palette that makes the cooling weather a lot more bearable. Spaces that use this range will feel cosy but also open...

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Stylish Storage Furniture for Your Home

Home Furniture trends are always changing.  With evolving Living and Working Spaces comenew requirements. Contemporary home furniture design intends to meet those changing needs by supplying simplistic layout with plenty of storage space- a common problem found in older homes where dwellers find it impossible and this Barton Retro Console Table will give you inspiration to keep your personal items in a logical...

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Rolling Greys and Billowing Pinks

Here at Modern Furniture, we are all about staying on and ahead of the trend. That’s why we always have the best styles and designs when it comes to modern furniture solutions for you and your living space. Staying ahead of the curve also includes knowing the colours and fabrics that are trending for the season. When we hear of...

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Modern Furniture offer over 120 different Dining Chairs, so we know how challenging it can be to pick the right one. Thankfully, we have written up a handy buying guide to help you take your seat.

How To Choose The Right Dining Chair

So you have picked your dining table, now how will you match your chairs? How do you pick the best style for the best price? Whatever your reason for needing a new dining chair set, let this be your ultimate guide in helping you choose your next piece of furniture. Arms or No Arms? Arms will usually add about 15cm...

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Buying a Coffee Table

What should I consider when buying a  Coffee Table? 1 – Coffee Table Design 2 – Cofee Table Function Design: A good coffee table can be one of the most eye catching items in any room if a bit of time is put into making the decision. If you are matching one to a pre-existing sofa or if your coffee...

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