Faulty or Damaged Goods

  • To report a faulty product, significant difference, or transit damage, please contact our service agents or email us at support@modernfurniture.com.au


  • If you notice any damage on arrival, please notify the driver, sign the delivery docket stating "subject to inspection," and email support@modernfurniture.com.au within 48 hours of delivery.


  • It is crucial to check your goods as soon as received. If any issues arise, we need to be informed within 48 hours, it will be otherwise difficult to accept any claims after that time frame.


  • It is also important to retain all original packaging until further notice.


  • In the unfortunate event that the product arrives damaged, please refrain from assembling it before contacting us for further advice and instructions.
    Replacing parts or cartons upon arrival and while still in their packaging will expedite the replacement process and eliminate further delays and inconveniences.?
    Assembled products may void any damage claims.


  • If a product with multiple cartons incurs some faults or damages, your assistance will be required to identify the specific parts or cartons that need replacement.
    To streamline the process, we do not collect the entire consignment but with the assistance of zoomed-out images or part/carton numbers to identify the faulty parts, we will only supply or replace the necessary parts or cartons.


  • Zoomed out images will be required to enable us to identify and assess the fault and issue promptly.


  • To safely facilitate a replacement, we do require the faulty/damaged product or parts to be packaged adequately, including all accessories and parts, and not assembled or partly assembled in any way. This will enable courier collection and avoid additional damage in transit.