How To Add Scandinavian Design into Your Space

Scandinavian Designed coffee table chair

Scandinavian Furniture design has vastly influenced our furniture market.

With modern retailers turning the popular design into a minimalists dream, the Scandinavian furniture aesthetic has become more and more appealing.

The style emerged in the 1950s as part of a modern movement in Nordic design that prioritised function and affordability over price and luxury. The tell tale sign of the

Scandinavian style is pale colours, natural materials and lean, leggy furniture. The aesthetic was largely a response to the region’s short days and long winters which called for bright and practical interiors.

Here are our top tips on how to incorporate Nordic furniture into your home.

1. Scale It Back

Minimalism and Scandinavian design go hand in hand. Declutter your space and accessories and really hone in on focusing on functionality rather than filling up your space with knick knacks.

2. Materials

Focus on natural materials and using the colours of those materials to create more lightness and space in your room and give it that Nordic vibe.

3. Function

Functionality is key, make sure the key pieces that you are choosing for your space and both pretty and functional for your everyday life.

4. Colour

White walls and cool grey and blue textiles definitely give off the ambience of a Scandinavian interior, however incorporating light pastels or pops of colour will also really liven up your space.

5. Fresh Flowers and Botanicals

Fresh flowers are not a luxury but a necessity in Scandinavian interior design as it is important to have living elements on colour and beauty to bring that lightness back into the design.

Today’s appeal for Scandinavian design is more about minimalism and clean lines especially if you are aiming to maximise lightness and space in a room. To find out more about Scandinavian design and furniture, head on into our showroom in Dingley Village today.lounge and ottoman